Welcome to the Melbourne Writers Hub!

Are you an aspiring writer or poet? Are you looking for a supportive hub of like-minded creatives who can help you on your writing and publishing journey?

Perhaps you need a mentor to help you learn techniques for speaking out about your work?


If so, come and connect to the Hub!

Here at the Melbourne Writers Hub we offer writers and poets a variety of different services to get your work out there.

Emerging writers and poets can find a mentor or book designer, an editor or proof reader, a web confidante or speaking coach, or a publisher specialising in self-publishing - fiction or nonfiction.


How can the Hub help you?

We are a group of professional writers and book designers with a passion for seeing quality prose in print. You can choose your own specialists by reading their profiles and making direct contact with them.


Everyone at the Hub is committed to helping you get the best out of your words. Imagine...your next manuscript in print or as an e-book  (or both) is made easier as a collaborative venture with support from the professionals at the Melbourne Writers Hub.


how it works in the Hub

Browse through the list of our Hub members for their Profile Pages.

Each Profile includes a link to their site to contact them and receive a fee structure.

Leigh Hay from Tales from the Treehouse

Maribel Steel from Heart Sight Solutions

Bee Williamson from Bee’s Boutique Books

Sylvie Blaire from BookPOD

Poetica Christi Press

Carol Middleton

The Melbourne Writers Hub is not in a position at this stage to offer distribution or marketing of e-books or print books.


Torment & Soul

Blindness for Beginners

Zoo of Gutsy Goodness

Our new e-journal

We have here Issue One of the new Hub e-journal. Just click and read the stories written about starting out, finding your voice, imagining your perfect reader and what is means to promote your work in a confident voice.

For any inquiries, please contact Bee Williamson:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3185

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