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Bee’s Boutique Books

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BBB is a bespoke book design company, specialising in art, poetry and photography books, elegant coffee table and heirloom books as well as print and e-books for all occasions.

Bee knows the endless hours writers and poets spend agonising over their words, which is why BBB wants to make the final phase the fun part – by crafting a beautifully unique book for you!

Bee can help you to select the best fonts, colours, designs, images and layout with her keen eye for detail and walk you through your choices to make your bespoke book a pleasure to create.

With 10 years of experience designing books for her clients as well as crafting her own poetry books, Bee can help you to create a beautiful bespoke book to be proud of for years. She is passionate to help her clients meet their design needs with a focus on beauty, uniqueness and quality. BBB also has a photographic stock library available which you can browse easily and select images for a small additional cost. If you are looking for a Melbourne-based book designer with a passion for creating beautiful, bespoke books at an affordable price – give Bee a call! 

Why Choose Bee’s Boutique Books?

‘I love designing books with meticulous & whimsical detail.

I love crafting books with soul & style.

I love creating books that feel good to hold in your hand,

and I love drawing artworks that say something about beauty.’

Bee Williamson

Let’s Do It!

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