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‘I believe that within each one of us is a compass called our heart-sight to guide us on a journey to fulfil our creative potential. Imagine it, believe it, share it and just do it!’ 

But this is often the stumbling block for writers and speakers – knowing how to get from here to where you want to be, NOW...not next year? 

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Melbourne, Australia

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How Can Maribel Help you?

Maribel Steel is a freelance author, motivational speaker, award winning-blogger and Toastmaster of the year (2018 GWTM) and a mentor – who just so happens to be legally blind. 

Based in Melbourne, she writes and speaks with a focus on NONFICTION, MEMOIR and SENSORY WRITING as her journey with sight loss has been her greatest teacher and muse. She has honed skills in seeing beyond limitations to enable her to craft from a clear perspective and to network from the heart of possibility.

Maribel wants to help YOU achieve your creative milestones by tapping into your writing or speaking aspirations with confident pitches and effective communication too! 

Author and Speaker’s bio:

Maribel’s Writer-Mentor Service


I can work with emerging and established writers using my strengths to help you:

  • develop a clear and professional PR blurb 

  • get past your writing block when writing nonfiction, travel and memoir short stories

  • gain skills in writing from a sensory perspective

  • spark your imagination when developing your website content (my muse is never short of ideas)

  • polish up your story pitches for journals and writing contests

  • develop a strategic approach to being a guest blogger

  • create a beautiful heritage book with family stories, images and/or recipes

  • gain vital knowledge as your ‘blindness consultant’ when writing believable characters with vision loss for fiction stories 

  • work on uncovering your writer’s voice with a disability.


Maribel’s Public Speaker-Mentor Service

I can work with ‘scaredy-cats’ in becoming better speakers and presenters by helping you to:

  • learn easy techniques to face an audience with confidence

  • develop your unique ways to make your speech and presence – riveting

  • organise an engaging speech outline with step-by-step points

  • reach your speaking aspirations with the help of a supportive mentor 

  • craft a powerpoint to wow your audience!

Maribel is the author of:

Blindness for Beginners: a renewed vision of the possible

My Mother’s Harvest: a collection of recipes and short stories

Why Work With Maribel?


‘An amazing, inspiring writer and thinker who has reminded me I am on the right path.’

 Sarah Martin - Poet