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Tales from the Treehouse

Pricing and links for my books as follows 

A Gutsy Zoo of Goodness     $25

Capturing Clouds: The view from the treehouse  $20

Write Home of the Sunset : Twenty Days in Turkey  $15

Stick Your Neck Out : A tale of two giraffes and a black hole that sucks  $15

Home before the leaves fall  $25

Mind Your Mind

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Bee's Boutique Books

Torment & Soul

In 2010 Melbourne poet Bee Williamson set herself a challenge. After publishing several slim volumes of poetry, it was time, she thought, to tackle the big issues in life: God, War, Love, Nature, Life and Madness. As a Café Poet for Australia Poetry Ltd, she’d sit down with her café latte at the cosy Pheast48 in Armadale to write a new suite of poems that would form the backbone of Torment & Soul. In this new work, which intersperses the poetry with intimate drawings of her loved ones, she shares her poetic vision of the world, speaking with her innermost voice and the voice of nature. Included in this collection are earlier poems from her student years at the VCA and other poems written during periods of mental illness. Rich in imagery and with a spiritual alchemy that draws on every faith from Sufi to Aboriginal, Torment & Soul is a visionary and sensual feast, both uplifting and challenging.

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Maribel steel

Blindness for Beginners

Losing sight is a life-changing experience which happens to more than 1 in 50 of us in Australia. What would you do if this happened to you? This book reveals how to turn such a life-challenge into a lifestyle you can fully manage and enjoy.


By offering a realistic picture of the possible, Blindness for Beginners will help you to adjust emotionally, adapt in practical ways, and enhance your sense of self-confidence. Discover how to:

  • Overcome emotional hurdles 

  • Adapt your home with simple modifications 

  • Trust your intuition and other senses 

  • Live well and travel more independently

  • Work and play alongside people with low vision.


Maribel Steel’s heart-warming story is part memoir, part guide. She demystifies what it means to be blind, and provides her unique set of ‘tools’ to enable you to forge ahead with tenacity.