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Tales from the Treehouse


Tales from the Treehouse is neither a publisher nor a register company.  It’s a writers’ collective.


Tales from the Treehouse is located in Melbourne.

Tales from the Treehouse is managed by Leigh and David Hay.


Leigh is a freelance author, editor, copy proofer and poet. A former Nutcote Writer-in-Residence, Leigh is also on the editorial committee for Poetica Christi Press, an independent Melbourne-based publisher of poetry....

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Leigh created the publishing name Tales from the Treehouse as a way of publishing and marketing books with small print runs for target audiences. Books with the Tales from the Treehouse logo are designed to appeal to discerning adults and imaginative kids who want to read inspiring stories or have inspiring stories read to them. Tales from the Treehouse sets out to create books that appeal to all ages, but also stories that are so loved they are remembered, handed down to the next generation, and never given away.

Leigh is the author of Mind Your Mind : Rational thinking strategies for childrenStick Your Neck Out : a tale of two giraffes and a black hole that sucksWrite Home of the Sunset : twenty days in TurkeyCapturing Clouds – the view from the treehouse; and Home before the leaves fall, a novel.


David is a scientist with a keen interest in experimenting, creating, building and renovating. David partners Leigh in running Tales from the Treehouse and enjoys writing small edition histories. David’s creative talents extend to antique clock collecting and repairs, antique restorations, curating obsolete scientific equipment and sketching. Many of David’s pencil sketches appear in Tales from the Treehouse publications as do his superb photographs.

David is the author of In Their Own Words : A Glimpse of Life in the Formative Years of the Colony of Port Phillip, and The Battle of Binh Ba : One take on a very muddied history. David’s photography also features in Write Home of the Sunset : twenty days in Turkey.

Books printed and/or promoted through Tales from the Treehouse fall into the category of self-publishing. However, we will field enquiries and if a manuscript fits our criteria we will consider promotion on the Tales from the Treehouse website. Writing, editing and proofing are mostly done in-house. Illustration and graphic design may be outsourced or managed by us. All print on demand is outsourced.

Some of our books have ebook versions published in Amazon and Apple stores. You can search there to find the books you are looking for.  Links to all books are available on the Tales from the Treehouse website : www.talesfromthetreehouse.com.au

Tales from the Treehouse also has writing hints listed on the web site and we can provide an editing service.